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The first flight of the IL-112V

March 30, 2019 the first flight of the Russian aircraft Il-112V. The new light military transport aircraft is equipped with composite propellers AB-112 and an auxiliary gas turbine engine TA14-130-112, developed and manufactured at SPE Aerosila, PJSC. The plane was piloted by the aircraft commander, test pilot, Hero of the Russian Federation Nikolai Dmitrievich Kuimov.

The peculiarity of the flight — it went all the way with the working APU, which provided power to the aircraft systems. According to the participants of the flight, all the systems of our units worked without comment.

During the creation, development and refinement of products of high technical complexity and novelty, such as an air propeller and a gas turbine engine, the discovery of certain technical flaws is inevitable, which cannot always be identified at the design stage, without testing in real conditions.

The Aerosila team quickly found the necessary solutions, coped with difficulties, and today accepts well-deserved congratulations.

IL-112V is the first military transport aircraft developed from scratch already in Russia. The «final round» of work on its creation took place in 2014.

The Il-112V aircraft should replace the aging An-26 fleet with an expiring designated life. 50% of the fleet will be decommissioned before 2030, and by 2032 this type of operation will practically cease.

Congratulations to the participants in the creation of the AB-112 propeller and the TA14-130-112 auxiliary power unit, and the entire team of our enterprise with a significant event.

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