Social package

The principles of enterprise social package

Internal social package of AEROSILA is an important condition for realizing personnel capabilities and possibilities, effective work and sustainable enterprise development supporting.

Social package streamlines:

  • Supporting safe labor conditions and recommendable level of social production environment;
  • Increasing labor productivity and personnel work efficiency by raising the motivation including salary and reward (bonus) system improving;
  • Integrative personnel development by means of qualification training, recreation and leisure time organizing;
  • Increasing corporate culture level by means of organizing comfortable psychosocial climate, involving in company history and business;
  • Advocacy and supporting personnel healthy lifestyle;
  • Observing personnel social safety standards, providing collaborators with the package of social benefits and warranties, supporting safety and adequate living standard.

AEROSILA’s obligations for providing social conditions are confirmed with Collective Agreement between enterprise management, labor collective council and labor union organization of AEROSILA.


  • perspective young people supporting and involving;
  • corporate training system developing;
  • jobs attraction increasing