AEROSILAs competency in products manufacturing in accordance with the best world level under specific and operation parameters is approved with qualified expert community decisions:

For APU:

  • Specific power;
  • Fuel efficiency;
  • Start-up and operation altitude;

For propellers:

  • Aerodynamic efficiency;

Almost all aircraft designed by national aircraft industry are to be equipped with developed products. Being a developer and manufacturer of aviation accessories used as a part of aircraft, AEROSILA is also the high-level integrator for other developers and manufacturers of the accessories, sensors, materials and systems used in high technical complexity items. At present time the enterprise also carries out serial production.

The modern design and production environment includes the following:

  • Total design and technical training system;
  • Extended production cooperation;

to provide operative new products designing and production volumes increasing under customers’ requirements.

The basis of AEROSILA’s scientific technical policy is creating Russian intellectual property and providing technical self-sufficiency form external factors.
Advanced special purpose test facility of AEROSILA allows to implement the total complex of laboratory, development and certification tests of the following products:

  • propellers;
  • propfans;
  • hydromechanical governors;
  • composite blades and their attachment point during implementing ОКР;
  • auxiliary power units;
  • ball-screw mechanisms.

As well as periodic tests of critical attachment points for providing serial deliveries of propellers, propfans and APUs.

The laboratory complex allows to implement automatic control system adjustment and different tests:

  • strength;
  • life time;
  • gas dynamic;
  • climatic;
  • high-altitude;
  • high-altitude.