The Design Bureau for developing aircraft automatic propellers and hydromechanical control systems was founded.

The official document approving the enterprise founding is the People Commissariat Order of aircraft industry of the USSR № 80/К dated March 22, 1939, and Konstantin I. Zhdanov was authorized as Chief Designer of the Design Bureau.

In this year the serial production of the first national automatic metal blade propeller AV-1 designed by K. I. Zhdanov was started up for equipping I-16 and I-153 AIRCRAFT. Since that moment the AIRCRAFT of Russia and the former USSR (except sports airplanes and light aviation of recent years) have been equipped with propellers designed by AEROSILA.

Since the first years of existence the enterprise has acquired a reputation as the productive developer of propellers and hydromechanical governors.



During a short pre-war period and in the hard years of Great Patriotic War the Design Bureau developed more than 12 types of propellers manufactured in serial production in the amount of more than 100 000 items.
They were installed on the aircraft of the country of those years: I-15, I-16, I-153, LI-2, MiG-3, SU-3, Pe-2, IL-2, IL-4, IL-10, Tu-2, Pe-8 and etc.

Many collaborators of the Design Bureau were acknowledged with Government awards for substantial contribution in creating the high aerodynamic characteristic propellers contributed to successes of the Soviet Aviation.



During post-war period the turboprop aviation took over the aviation with piston engine-propeller power units.

Rapid development of turboprop aviation required prompt production of radically new propellers and hydromechanical automatic control systems.

The enterprise personnel coped well with these tasks having developed a family of reliable propellers and governors for the following AIRCRAFT: Аn-8, Аn-12, Аn-10, Be-12, An-24, IL-18, Аn-30, Аn-26 and Аn-32, etc.
Special technical achievements of the enterprise are connected with creating unique coaxial propellers with power of 14 000 h.p. for Tu-95, Tu-114 and An-22 (“Antey”) AIRCRAFT.

Such propellers up to the present haven’t had analogues in the world propeller-building.
Such propellers provided the cruising speed achievement up to 800 km/h for Ту-95 and Ту-114 AIRCRAFT and unequalled thrust-to-weight ratio for Аn-22 aircraft.

Also the enterprise was busy with developing propellers for hovercraft and snowplanes as well as steering rotors for Мi-6, Мi-10, Мi-10К and Мi-1 helicopters.



In the period of jet aviation rapid development and turboprop aviation relative recession AEROSILA was in charge of new technically significant streamline which was principally new for the enterprise.
And for 50 years now AEROSILA’s collective has developed auxiliary power units marked TA and designed for starting up the main propulsion engines of AIRCRAFT and helicopters, cabin and passenger compartment conditioning, onboard systems electrical supply as well as for using аs ground installations of aviation purpose.

The APUs designed by the enterprise are installed on the following AIRCRAFT: Тu-134А, Тu-154, Tu-154Б, Тu-154М, IL-62М, IL-76Т, IL-76MD, Yak-42, Тu-160, Аn-74, Аn-124, Тu-204, Аn-70 and other facilities.
Almost all national aircraft and helicopters (except IL-86 and IL-96) are equipped with the APUs designed by AEROSILA.


The enterprise started developing screw actuators — power ball-screw mechanisms with built-in gear boxes for aircraft wing sweep varying.
Such unique with technical characteristics items were installed on the following AIRCRAFT: MiG-23, Тu-22М, SU-24, Тu-144, Тu-160, etc.
There haven’t been any failures of highly sensitive screw actuators for all time of many years operation.




On shipping industry demand the family of lifting and propulsion mechanisms was developed for 6 hovercraft: “Skat”, “Murena”, “Kalmar”, “Omar”, “Djeiran” and “Zubr”.

The range of the enterprise developments was filled up with 5 propellers titles and 6 lift fans titles.