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Stupino of Moscow Region celebrated the Day of Town on 26.08.2017








The staff of Aerosila took part in the demonstration of famous labor collectives in honor of the celebration of the Day of Town of Stupino. There are a lot of currently widely known aviation enterprises in Stupino.

Aerosila is well known as a designer and manufacturer of propellers and propfans for aircraft (and hovercraft) and auxiliary gas turbine engines for aircraft and helicopters. Aerosila is one of the most experienced company in this area. Since the Second World War all propeller air transport has been equipped with products designed by Aerosila. They were justly called as Propellers of Victory.

JSC “SMPP” is lead quantity production plant manufacturing supporting systems of the helicopters designed by JSC “Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant”, JSC “Kamov Design Bureau” and propellers for turboprop aircraft.

OJSC “SMK” manufactures the products from heat-resistant nickel alloys, special steels, titanium and aluminum alloys for aircraft, space and nuclear industry, power and engineering industry. The Company’s metal is in the heart of aviation engines.

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