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First takeoff of the flight simulator IL-76LL







On September 12 in Flight Research Institute named after M.M. Gromov the flight tests of the power unit consisted of the turboprop engine TV7-117SM designed by JSC “UEC-Klimov” and the propeller AB-112 designed by SPE “Aerosila” were started up on the flight simulator Il76-LL. This power unit is designed for equipping the light military transport aircraft IL-112V and the regional airliner IL-114-300.


The first flight of the flight simulator IL-76LL with prototype engine TV7-117ST took place in Flight Research Institute named after M.M. Gromov (Zhukovski, Moscow region) on September 12. During first test flight the power unit operation checking was carried out in full-scale conditions, on different modes and altitude ranges. As a result of the flight lasted a little more than 1 hour no remarks and faults in the operation were noticed by specialists. The flight was performed be the crew of Michael Kondratenko, research pilot.

The engine TV7-117ST (uprated modification of the engine TV7-117SM) is a basic engine for the power unit of advanced light military transport aircraft IL-112V. The civil engine modification – TV7-117ST-01 – will become an operational engine of the regional airline IL-114-300. The return to full-scale production of this airliner is scheduled in the coming years.

The engine TV7-117ST operates as a part of the power unit together with the propeller AB-112 (designed by PLC “SPE “Aerosila”) featuring large thrust-to-weight ratio on takeoff and cruise modes. One of the features of TV7-117ST is that the aircraft power unit automatic control system designed by “UEС-Klimov” controls the engine and propeller. It makes possible to maximal fully use the potential of the engine and propeller performances and improve the power and efficiency.

The aircraft flew on at the test course with achieving the flight velocity up to 500 km/h and the altitude up to 4200 m. The experimental power unit with the engine TV7-117 ST and propeller AV-112 took to takeoff mode during tests. All experimental systems operated under normal conditions.

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