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AEROSILA: Another success

The 80th anniversary of SPE Aerosila, PJSC was marked by successes, and the most significant was the receipt at the end of 2018 of the European Aviation Safety Agency’s EASA certificate for the TA18-100 auxiliary engine, confirming its compliance with European technical standards. The event is a landmark for the Russian aircraft engine industry, as the first European approval of the aircraft units created in Russia. This will further expand the possibilities of using APU TA18-100 in the international market.

Among the recent results of Aerosila, which have great potential and determine further prospects for the enterprise, it should be noted:

  • obtaining additions to the Type Certificate for TA14-130-08, which opens up the possibility of using the APU «TA» on numerous civilian modifications of the Mi-8/17 helicopters;
  • flight tests TA14-130-35B on a Mi-35M helicopter;
  • registration by the Federal Air Transport Agency of the Main changes in the standard design of the APU TA18-100 in terms of launch altitude and operational performance of up to 11000 and its transfer to operation according to the 2nd strategy — in technical condition;
  • APU tests TA14-038 as part of the Mi-38 helicopter at low temperatures;
  • technical and commercial offer preparation for the development of a power plant for a helicopter-type;
  • planned implementation of the development of the APU for the Russian-Chinese heavy helicopter AHL.

You can not remain silent about the great success in the work on the screw theme. The first flight of the new light military transport aircraft Il-112V took place, which is equipped with the air propeller AВ-112 and APU TA14-130-112. The AB-112 propeller is also planned for use on the regional airliner Il-114-300.

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