power up to 350 kW

Technical characteristics

ТА18-200М ТА18-200МС ТА18-200-70 / ТА18-200-124 ТА18-200Е ТА18-200Э
Air consumption, kg/s 1,7 1,4 1,7
Air pressure, kg/cm2 4,7 4,5 4,7
Output AC electric power, kVА 90 120 60 240
Start and operation altitude, m 9000 9000 12500 12500
Application ТУ-204СМ МС-21 Ан-70 / Ан-124-100

The TA18-200 is a base APU with power up to 350 kW. This New Generation APU is used on transport and passenger aircraft with a seating capacity of up to 250 persons.

This APU provides:
— an air turbine start for the main engines
— on-board AC electric power
— air conditioning for cockpit and cabin
— The APU has specific operating parameters at the best competitive level in the world. It is equipped with FADEC.

Type certificate (TA18-200) No CT 321-ВД.




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