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Russian auxiliary engine TA18-100 received EASA approval

December 12, 2018 at the headquarters of the European Aviation Safety Agency EASA (Cologne, Germany) SPE Aerosila, PJSC — developer and manufacturer of APU TA18-100 — was presented with an ETSO approval document (analogous to the Russian Certificate on the validity of a component).

The event is significant for the entire Russian aviation industry from the point of view of prospects for advancing into international markets, expanding the competitive opportunities for the further use of the TA18-100, which, like other members of the new generation APU family, has specific and operational parameters at the best global level.

EASA for the first time issues ETSO for an aviation application designed in the Russian Federation.

“The real result of the work is the handing of the ETSO document to the Russian auxiliary engine TA18-100 — confirmation of the effective cooperation between Rosaviation and EASA on airworthiness issues,” notes Alexander Neradko, head of Rosaviation.

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