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AEROSILA: Positive example of cooperation

SPE «Aerosila», PJSC is one of the recognized leaders in development and production of auxiliary gas turbine engines (APU) and propellers. The developed new generation base APUs are certified according to the norms harmonized with the European aviation legislation and possess specific and operational parameters at the best world level. APU TA18-100 is designed for onboard power supply of narrow-body aircraft and heavy helicopters.

Since 2014, on the basis of a license agreement with  SPE «Aerosila», PJSC,  Italian company Officine Mechanic Irpine s.r.l. (Campania region) leads the creation of mass production of APU TA18-100 and its own test base. OMI s.r.l. is promoting the APU TA18-100 to the European market for use in ATR, Leonardo and Embraer products and planning to provide support for its operation in Europe.

OMI s.r.l. is interested in creating new jobs in the area where the Italian government is applying business support measures to ensure employment. Implemented project as a high-tech project in the aviation industry, has for Italy and the national interest.

At present, partners are completing work with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) on the design of the European Type Certificate APU TA18-100, which will expand the possibilities of using and supplying the TA18-100 to European and other foreign aircraft and helicopter manufacturers. Expansion of cooperation implies design work on the base APU adaptation to the requirements of European customers.     Production of the Russian high-tech products in a Western country — a real contribution to ensuring technological independence.

Successful cooperation of SPE «Aerosila», PJSC and OMI s.r.l. — a sample of achieving significant results in combining the interests of the state and business, building relationships on a partnership, mutually beneficial basis.

In the run-up to the summit, information on a positive example of cooperation between SPE «Aerosila», PJSC and OMI s.r.l. submitted to the Presidential Administration of Russia and the Office of the Prime Minister of the Italian Republic.

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